Wednesday, May 30, 2007

30 May 2007

Yesterday I worked on editing a script that the National Service of Gacaca Courts has created. They have made a documentary in Kinyarwanda and are now translating it into English. They first translated it directly from Kinyarwanda, so not all of it quite made sense. I tried to go through and make some sense of it. But, if anyone ever watches it, I don’t want to get blamed for the poor English. I really did try to do my best without offending the person who did the original translation.

I also got to meet someone from the US Justice Department yesterday. They were just on their way back to the States. At the District Co-ordinator Conference yesterday, we spent about 2 hours trying to determine where the individuals were from. It was amazing. Even though most of the Rwandans now in the States have changed their names, the people at the conference were able to figure out who they all were. This country is so small. It was bizarre. Everyone knows everyone here…and these District Co-ordinators seem to have every case memorized, which is amazing considering some of the districts have over 10,000 cases.

On my way to work today I saw monkeys running around. They were like massive cats, only much cooler, and probably more dangerous if I would have been carrying food. Sometimes I forget where I am. Well, I guess it’s easy to remember when a large group of children decides to follow you around and screams ‘Muzungo, Muzungo'...this means foreigner. Usually it means white foreigner, but they will even use it towards rich Rwandans at times. At times you just want to be left alone…but this is only possible in the privacy of your own home…or possibly the fancy hotels and restaurants…but even there you get harassed on the way in or out. Most of the time they are just curious children, but even this can become irritating when they continually want to touch you and all you want to do is go home after a long day of work.

My usual taxi driver was not there today. I got stuck taking a moto taxi (motorcycle) to work. I am of course in a skirt. This requires grace which I do not possess. I am sure it’s amusing for one and all…but I had to get to work. What can you do?!

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Pastor Brian Beckstrom said...

Hey Alycia. Thanks for keeping this journal. It's fun for us to hear about the important work you're doing...not to mention the monkey encounters...good times.


Brian Beckstrom